Facilities Overview


Gregory is a small community and our facilities are for the use of Gregorians only. Students unaccompanied by current Gregory residents will be asked to leave unless attending an event open to non-residents. For the same reason, we do not allow our spaces to be used by student organizations, performing arts groups, fraternities or sororities, etc, even if some of the members are Gregory residents. There are many spaces available on campus for such use.

Van Pelt Spaces

West Wing.  Most of Van Pelt's central public spaces are on the West Wing, the programmatic hub of the House on the west end of the first floor. See the guidelines for use of this very busy area!

Piano Lounge
The piano lounge is Gregory’s living room, spacious and air-conditioned, with couches, tables, a grand piano, and a TV, and more. Many of the House’s major events take place here, including many Dinner with Gregory conversations. When not reserved for House events, the lounge is open 24-7 for studying, piano playing, TV, and video games.

Our cinema lounge is home to the Film Culture Program and often used for House events. The lounge features a huge flatscreen and comfortable seating. Check the boards, the website, and the Film Culture Facebook page for the busy screening schedule! The Cinema is for Gregory events only-- it is not a reservable space.

A communal quiet space with a book collection (fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, reference works, cinema scholarship) for your perusal. Seating for approximately 12; all Gregorians are welcome. Generally available to residents via Pennard 8 AM-Midnight; access after midnight can sometimes be arranged by stopping by the House Office before it closes for the evening.  

Club Room/Kitchen
This relaxing hangout features a pool table, seating, and an adjacent kitchen.  Often reserved for regular House events such as BYOM or I Love TV, but otherwise available to residents via Pennard 8 AM-Midnight. The pool room (but not the kitchen) can be reserved by students in two-hour blocks. Please observe cooking/kitchen rules.

Group Study Room
A workspace with a computer for studying or projects.  Seats 4-6.  Available to residents (ONLY) via Pennard 24-7 or reservable in advance in two-hour blocks.

House Director's Office
The Director's Office is 111A Van Pelt. In addition to director-related duties, they are an academic advisor, so you can see them discuss course selection, paper revisions, and more.   

The House Office
The House Office is staffed by the House Coordinator on weekdays morning/afternoons and by House Managers in the evenings and weekends; hours will be posted each semester. There is a substantial DVD and boardgame library, plus you can sign up for events, purchase Gregory spirit items, borrow pool equipment and gaming consoles, and more.

The Common printer is located in the waiting area near the offices.  Instructions for using the printer are posted nearby.

The Lobby
The Van Pelt lobby contains the mailboxes for both buildings as well as the information center.          

Hall Lounges
There are small comfortable lounges on the second, third, and fourth floors.

The Kitchen
The kitchen on the third floor of Van Pelt is used for floor events and often for studying or just hanging out. Access to residents 24-7 via Pennard. Please observe cooking/kitchen rules, or we will need to limit access.  

Laundry facilities are located on the east side of the first floor.  Both washers and drying machines are free of charge.  See Laundry Rules for some more guidelines on using this space!


Class of 1925 Spaces

The Greenhouse
The Greenhouse on the first floor, notable for its distinctive Isaiah Zagar mural (see photo above), is the hub of Modern Languages Program activities and a frequent locale for House events. This air-conditioned lounge has a full kitchen and plenty of seating for language coffee hours, brunches, and Dinner with Gregory. Please observe cooking/kitchen rules. Available 24-7 except when reserved for House events.

The Kitchen
The kitchen on the second floor is used for floor events and often just for studying or just hanging out.  Access to residents 24-7 via Pennard. Please observe cooking/kitchen rules, or we will need to limit access.  

The basement. Many of Class of 1925's best spaces are located in the basement:

The TV Lounge
This media room offers plenty of comfortable seating. Often reserved for Language & Culture Program use, but there are some public access hours until 10 PM.  Can be reserved for two-hour blocks.

The Darkroom Cafe
The Darkroom cafe serves up coffee, tea, juices, ice cream, and more to help with a long night of work or play. Pool and ping-pong tables are located nearby to pass the time.

Yoga/Dance Studio
Small fitness area for dance, meditation, etc.  Can be reserved in advance by residents in two-hour blocks, otherwise resident access from the desk or cafe until midnight except when reserved for events.

Seminar Room 
A quiet study space with a table and chairs. Seats approximately 12. Can be booked in advance for two-hour blocks, otherwise available to residents via Pennard until midnight.

Group Study Rooms
Private workspaces with computers for studying or projects. Seats 4-6. Can be booked in advance for two-hour blocks, otherwise available to residents via Pennard 24-7

Laundry facilities in the basement are available free of charge to residents.  Please see Laundry Rules for more information.


"The Beach"

The hilled field between the two buildings is known as the Beach. No, there’s no sand or water, but there are plenty of sunbathers when the weather is hot, and volleyball, beach chairs, Frisbees, and other implements of idle pursuit can be borrowed from the Info Center.  Our year begins with a BBQ on the beach, and we have a bonfire or two throughout the year.