The Gregory Week

The cornerstones of Gregory social life are a number of extremely casual weekly or regular get-togethers, open to residents (and only residents) of all years; attending these are the best way to get to know your fellow residents, including our GAs, RAs, Faculty and House Dean.  

Check out The Gregory Year for info on some of our annual or semesterly events, and the Modern Languages and Film Culture pages for the schedule for all our themed programming.  There is always somethings going on the House-- and every Gregorian is welcome.  

Some simple rules: remember to always bring your own cups, plates, and utensils... and be mindful of anyone who might be still waiting for food as you load up.

So where can you find a crowd--and comfort food--during the week?


BYOMBring Your Own Mug! or BYOM (say it, don’t spell it--it's be-YOM, no matter what else you hear) is a Gregory institution, started by Irene Godoy ('05) and carried on these days by House Managers Ashley and Emily every Tuesday evening, BYOM managers serve up hot chocolate, cider, and ample portions of baked products and other goodies in one of the House kitchens.

Don’t have your own mug to bring? You'll get your own official Gregory mug. BYOM is a snazzy way to meet and mingle with other Gregorians (including staff), same time, same place every week.



Study BreaksSince the dawn of time, Gregory has hosted Study Breaks Wednesdays at 10:30 PM in the Van Pelt Piano Lounge; the crowds are large, the tone is informal, and the food, well, sinful (we do try to have a few healthy alternatives here and there). Our advice? Don’t sit around waiting for the email reminder; you know where and when to go, so be ready to beat out the hungry masses for the best grub. And once you’ve stocked up, have a seat and chat awhile; it’s a study break, after all. Residents who live in singles and double apartments are welcome to put on a study break or two during the year (we supply the funding, of course!).  Contact study break managers Erin and Shaniyah with any ideas or to chip in!





The lazy weekend equivalent of the study break, Brunches take place every Sunday in the Class of 1925 Greenhouse or Van Pelt first floor kitchen. Don’t worry about being bleary-eyed or wearing your shirt inside out; borderline catonia is par for the course.   In addition to standbys like bagels, cereal, donuts, coffee, etc, brunches usually feature pancakes, eggs, waffles, and other goodies served up by Gregory residents.

Residents who live in quad  apartments will be asked to put on a study break or two during the year; contact our brunch Managers to settle on a date (we supply the funding, of course!).  Putting on a brunch is another time-tested way to take active part in House Community, so be sure to sign up!


Don’t want to be cooped up in your room staring at your little TV or computer screen by yourself? At least once a month, get together with your housemates for I Love TV, epic marathons of your favorite shows—current or vintage—in the Van Pelt Cinema Lounge, complete with home-cooked comfort food.. including homemade donuts!  I Love TV is run by Faculty Fellow Lance Wahlert, who started the event back when he was a Gregory GA! Feel free to advocate for your favorite series or genre, and help pick the representative episodes!