Welcome to Gregory, where residents believe that a college house should be more than just a place to study for your Econ 001 midterm, sleep in a one-bedroom, and grab the occasional free slice of pizza. Although the House does provide all that, it is also a place where you can explore new things and feel a real sense of community.

For a start, Gregory celebrates diversity through its Modern Languages Program and cinema through the Film Culture series. But even if German leaves you tongue-tied and the Oscars give you a headache, you will still be welcomed to Sunday brunches, study breaks, and weekly BYOM hot chocolate nights with open arms. With a supportive network of GAs, RAs and dynamic student staff, there's always something going on and someone to talk to - this is a house that's got your back.

So try a new French phrase in the mosaic-festooned Greenhouse, engage in a Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate in the Film Lounge, or simply laugh until you can't breathe in the piano lounge when you're supposed to be studying - this is a House that will embrace you. Visit for a while, or stay four years. Either way, we hope you'll feel at home here.


--Vicky Sakr ‘06, Gregory Alumni Society Chair and Lucid Award Winner 2006

Info for Incoming First-Year Students

Interested in joining the Gregory community next year?  We’d be delighted to be your new home away from home! Please check out our FRESHMAN PAGE, full of useful links about the House, including floor plans, info on our program communities, suggestions about what to bring and what to discuss with your future roommates, and a rundown of some of our traditional events. Be sure to check the links, and contact us any questions!

Hope to see you in late August!!

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