The Gregory Year

Gregory Traditions

In additional to our countless weekly events and our densely populated MLP and FCP calendars, Gregory has a series of annual traditions our residents can look forward to throughout the year.  Help us create new ones—we’ll find room for them somewhere!  Note: these photos celebrate Gregory history-- and most date before our 2014 renovations!  The buildings look much different these days-- but the community is as great as ever!

House Welcome

On the day freshmen and transfers arrive, they are immediately wrapped up in the flow of the House; meeting our Faculty Director, House Dean and the rest of the staff on the beach, followed by their RA/GA-led hall meetings and finally an opportunity to mix and mingle with their new Housemates at Games Night.

Opening Barbecue/Karaoke

Each year we kick off our regular programming schedule with a jammed day of Gregory activities, including a cookout on the beach, followed by a karaoke session in the piano lounge.  Gregorians from all years (and alumni society as well!) are welcome.  It’s a madhouse, but in a good way

Toga Party Prep

We help our first year students get ready for the NSO party at the University Museum through the fine art of toga-making.


Finding your place isn't quite ideal?  At the start of the year we take a bus ride to IKEA to finishing decking the place out.

Outdoor Adventures

Within the first month or so of the semester we will be off to the wilderness for one adventure or another!

Open Mic Night

Read a poem, sing a song, tell a joke, play an instrument and otherwise bask in the appreciation of your Housemates at Open Mic Night, which often coincides of the annual opening of the Darkroom café.

Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary

A Halloween-themed jaunt to a haunted house at the most sinister of Philadelphia historical landmarks.

Pumpkin Carving

The freshman community gathers together to flaunt their macabre imaginations.


Sex (Education) Quizzo

Learning can be fun, especially when outrageous prizes are involved.

International Dinner

A culinary circuit of the world, the International Dinner, sponsored by the Modern Languages Program, is one of the most popular of all Gregory events, featuring dishes served up by our many language houses (and many bonus dishes besides!).


Gregory Thanksgiving

Not going home for Thanksgiving?  We serve up our own grand meal in the House, with all the traditional trappings.  Be sure to RSVP


Superbowl Party

Whether you’re watching for game or the commercials, you’ll have plenty of good food and company gathering for America’s most watched… anything.


Philly Trips

Throughout the year, we find ways to venture out into Philadelphia--giving away free tickets to the Walnut Street and Wilma Theatres, and more.

Ping Pong Tournament

A fierce Gregory competition in the bowels of the buildings.

Performing Arts Night

A showcase for your talents!

Oscar Party

We tend to make a big deal out of the Oscars—movies in general are a big deal around here—with  fancy finger food and desserts in the cinema lounge.  Snag some DVDs in our pick-the-winners contest.

Progressive Dinner

The gastronomic sibling to the International Dinner, only this time it’s the Van Peltians showing their kitchen finesse.  Each floor in Van Pelt offers up one course of a grand House meal.

Six Flags

As the year winds down, spend quality time with your Housemates, much of it upside down, at this nearby amusement park.

Lucid Awards Presentation

We have study breaks almost every night during reading days and finals, and the biggest is when we issue our awards for service to House community.


Senior Toast

A celebration of our senior class, now usually 100 days from graduation.