Gregory Academic Credit Options

Through the auspices of its residential programs, Gregory offers four to five residential credit options in language and cinema studies per semester.  These courses uniquely balance the academic demands of Penn classes with the flexibility and informality that define College House life.  Good company, conversation and often food comprise the day-to-day activities; learning comes naturally. 

Gregory currently offers course credit in Cinema Studies, French, German and Spanish (our Chinese House does not currently offer an academic credit option).  All options are .5 c.u. per semester; students may choose to participate for two semesters (maximum) to obtain the full credit.  Requirements are primarily active participation, though our Film Culture credit also requires a presentation.

See the Language & Culture and Film Culture program pages for more information.

All Gregory residents are invited to enroll, regardless of whether they initially applied to one of the programs.  Each group offers an introductory meeting in the first week of classes, which you can attend to learn about the semester schedule and expectations.  Prior registration is not required (and indeed permits must be obtained for French and Spanish).

Don't miss out on the opportunity to obtain course credit without the commute!