Darkroom Café

Welcome to the Darkroom Cafe, in the basement of the Class of 1925, open early and late to fulfill your desire for caffeine! You can pick up some coffee, tea, or cereal - all Bring Your Own Mug-style! We also have a season selection of delicious pastries that you can win by impressing our baristas or earning tokens from your RAs and GAs.  Everything in the cafe is absolutely free, so come down, grab a cup of coffee, study, play pool, and chat with friends. 

If you come down with your Darkroom Cafe Punch card five times you get a FREE "Pastry."  The Pastry offerings will change weekly but they often include things like donuts, pop-tarts, to-go treats, ect.

You can buy old Gregory House Mugs from the Cafe (or the house office) for 2$ each

Watch out for emails from our lovely Cafe Managers as a lot of Gregory House leftovers find their way to the Cafe


Your 2016 - 2017 Cafe Manager: Elana Chapman

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We are open every morning, Monday through Saturday from 9am-11:00am and every evening  8pm - midnight.