Community Space Guidelines

The first floor of Van Pelt is the primary programmatic hub of Gregory, and featuring an array of options for students to lounge, study, cook, read, shoot pool, view TV and film, play the piano, and meet with House staff. We hope you enjoy the space and make the most of it—but because this is a high traffic area with a variety of functions, we have some crucial guidelines:

1) Gregory is a small community and our facilities are for the use of Gregorians only. Students unaccompanied by current Gregory residents will be asked to leave, unless they are coming to watch a scheduled film. For the same reason, we do not allow our spaces to be used by student organizations, performing arts groups, fraternities or sororities, etc, even if some of the members are Gregory residents. There are many spaces available on campus for such use.

2) Try to manage the noise. Be mindful of residents trying to work or relax, and if they ask you to lower the volume on a TV or to keep things quiet when playing billiards, etc, please accommodate them (and we encourage students to feel comfortable asking, albeit politely).  The piano in particular should be thought of as a piano in a living room rather than a rehearsal space—it should be used in moderation and only when not at the expense of other people or in conflict with events, including film culture screenings (ie, most nights from 8-10:30 PM).   On this subject….

3) Observe Quiet Hours. Quiet Hours in all college houses run from 11 PM-9 AM Sunday-Thursday, 1 AM-9 AM Friday-Saturday, and 24-7 during Reading Days and Finals.

4) House events will always take priority. Regular House events like Tuesday BYOM, Wednesday study breaks, I Love TV! and Diversity Discourse Across the Disciplines take place in these spaces, as do a variety of one-time events. You can always find the schedule on our website or watch for emails.

5) Please return the furniture where it belongs when you are finished. It only takes a second. There are furniture placement charts in most of our spaces.

6)  Please dispose of your trash. We have plenty of receptacles in the lobby area, and if they are full it is just a brief walk to the dumpsters. 

7) Space Reservations are available in advance for the billiards room and the group study room here (you need to sign in with your PennKey). The Library is a communal study space; be considerate of others who wish to join you.  The Gregory cinema is only used for House events and not private screenings.

8) Visit the staff!  At the end of the hall, you can find the director’s office (Irving side) and the House Coordinator's office. (Spruce Side). Residents can borrow DVDs, board games, and gaming equipment from the House Office, as well as pick up event tickets; the Director is available for academic advising and to discuss your ideas and concerns (or just to say hi).