Language & Cultures Program


Language & Cultures Program, formerly known as Modern Language Program (MLP), is dedicated to students who wish to improve their language proficiency and immerse themselves in new cultural experiences, while having fun at the same time. Residents in Gregory belong to one or more of the four language houses, ChineseFrenchGerman, and Spanish, each of which holds multiple events a week. 

Language house participants range from novice speakers with little foreign language experience to multi-lingual international students; generally, about three-fourths are first-year students. Some are language majors, many are minors, but neither is a requirement; the program tends in particular to attract students interested in language & culture. Students planning to study abroad, or returning from a semester abroad, usually find the program an attractive option.

Our language houses are lead by Gregory's Gradute Resident Assistants (GRA) who are either native or fluent speakers. Returning students also play an essential role in language house leadership.

One unique facet of Language & Culture Program is that the language departments at Penn realize the value of our programming and award students 0.5cu for their work. Students enrolled for credit must attend the majority of events that semester, of course; enrollment is entirely optional.  French, German and Spanish Houses offer the academic credit option.

Goals and Expectations:

Language & Culture Program is dedicated to aiding students interested in acquiring, developing, and maintaining competency in a foreign language.  As constant practice, not formal instruction, is at the heart of the program, students new to their chosen language(s) are strongly urged to simultaneously enroll in introductory level classes.  Since credit enrollment is entirely optional, students are under no obligation to commit to the full schedule of activities, but we certainly expect that all of our residents will participate from time to time.

All Gregorians are welcome to take part in Language & Culture Program!  It doesn't matter which building you live in, what class year you are or whether you applied directly to the program or not; our activities, including the academic credit options, are open to all residents of the House. 

Application Process: First Year Students / Returning Gregorians / New Upperclassman:

There is no longer an application process to participate in the language houses. You can live anywhere in Gregory and take part in Language & Cultures Program. During Room Selection (link is external) you should preference Gregory. We do not set aside particular rooms for program communities.   

In the fall, students will be able to register for the language course attached to that specific language house. Spaces are limited to 20 students per language house and students living in Gregory are priortized.

*Note: Students living in other college houses can be involved in the lanugage houses if spaces are still open. Please contact with Gregory House Director for more details.