La Maison Française

While Penn prides itself on its communicative language teaching program, Gregory's Maison Française remains the only course that is exclusively dedicated to developing conversational skills in French. The Maison Française features two weekly
sessions: (1) Cette semaine en France and (2) La France et son Histoire.

Cette semaine en France traces contemporary developments in France through the media. It is regularly attended
by Gregory House Fellow and native Parisian Professor Philippe Met, the chair of the French &
Francophone Studies department.

La France et son Histoire explores France's institutions, traditions, narratives and monuments, providing a meaningful context for these contemporary issues.

These two complimentary conversational hours aim to enrich and broaden your understanding of the French language and history. Discussions will foster cross-cultural comparisons that will encourage you to relativize, reflect upon and share your own cultural heritage and identity. Sessions will be supplemented and occasionally supplanted entirely by special events, from in-house cafés and patisseries to museum visits, film screenings and other cultural events beyond the frontiers of the Penn campus.

The Maison Française will meet throughout the semester Mondays and Wednesdays in the Greenhouse of Gregory's Class of '25 building from 5-6pm.

See our sylabus for more details!