Gregory Room Selection Upperclassmen FAQ

Quick Notes:

1.  Gregory is not a part of the program community process.  Even if you participate in the Film Culture Program  Community or the Modern Languages Program Community, you will go through the "Retention" "Return to House" or "Move to Another House" process, NOT the "program community" process.  We do this so you can live anywhere in Gregory you like, not just specific rooms.

2.  Rising juniors and seniors can directly retain doubles, quads, or quads with living room, provided those rooms are not designated for first-year students for next fall and everyone in the group is a returning resident.  The list of potentially available upperclass rooms is below.  Singles cannot be retained, but you might have the opportunity to select your current single again during the room selection process.

3. Class and years spent in the House are used to determine your assigned time slot to pick a room.  Manager staff receive the maximum boost possible (though it does not supersede rising junior and senior retention).

4. Most important: for the best chance to get the room you want, you MUST FILL your desired space.  For example, if you want a double, you need to be in a group of two.  A rising senior with theoretically the best housing priority possible will still not receive a double if they apply without a roommate.


Please don't hesitate to contact the House Director with any questions!