Room Selection for 2018 - 2019

Gregory uses its own distinctive housing system for current residents who wish to return the following year or for new students interested in joining our community (note: incoming freshmen interested in the House should follow the room request instructions supplied by Residential Services).  In fact, Gregory is considered a specialized residential program for purposes of the assignment process, allowing us much greater flexibility in group size and preference than most Houses can accommodate.   It’s actually a lot more work for us, but we value Gregorians just that much.  Take a moment to feel special.

In keeping with Gregory’s small size and big spirit, we employ a point system that rewards time spent within the House, as well as various forms of service to our community:

Point System (returners only), per person.  Current semesters count.

Years in House
+1 per semester in residence at Gregory College House (including the current semester).  Students who study abroad for a semester may count that time as in residence at Gregory if they lived in the House both before and after their time away.

Service to the Community
+1 per semester of Gregory Manager service
+1 per year of Gregory ITA service
+1 for a minimum of one full year at the Gregory Information Center

+.5 for special contributions to House Community (petition for consideration from Gregory RA/GA, Dean or Faculty)

Modern Languages and Film Culture Participation

+.5 for one year of for-credit MLP participation 

+.5 for one year of for-credit FCP participation 


Students are not guaranteed retention of their current year apartment, but do win the tie-breaker over other applicants with the same point total.  That said, rooms reserved for freshmen (including most regular quads on the third and fourth floors in Van Pelt and all non-singles on the fourth floor of C'25) cannot be assigned to upperclassmen.

Groups who fill all the spaces in their desired apartment type (i.e. four people for a quad, two for a double), take precedence over partial groups, regardless of point total.


Students may elect to live in Van Pelt or Class of 1925.  You can participate in our Modern Languages or Film Culture programs no matter where in the buildings you choose to live, though new students interested in MLP will be assigned to Class of 1925 and new students interested in FCP will be assigned to Van Pelt unless they request otherwise.  A number of spaces (including most rooms on the upper floors in each building) are reserved for incoming freshmen residents.  


Fill out an online application at between January 17th9 AM and January 22nd, 5 PM, 2018.  Remember that Gregory is listed under residential programs, as are the other all year Houses, Stouffer, NCH and Du Bois.  EACH PERSON MUST FILL OUT THAT APPLICATION TO BE ELIGIBLE TO LIVE IN GREGORY.  

Important: It may seem like you are committing to a room, but you will have a chance to accept any offer before being locked into your assignment for next year.  If you don't like the offer, you can decline and enter a later assignments process or look off-campus without any cancellation fee.  It is only after you submit an offer acceptance sheet that you are bound to the terms and conditions of a residential contract.


The actual offer process runs for three days, each corresponding to specific room types (note: all Gregory apartments, regardless of type, cost the same).  Submit a Room Selection Form (see attachments below) at the Van Pelt Information Center according to the following schedule. There is a separate form for returners, including new residents being "pulled in" (the Returner Room Selection Form) and for new solo applicants or groups (New to Gregory Room Selection Form).  Each group need only submit one form, which will be sent via email to residents in January and also available at the info center.   Offers or rejections will be emailed by the Dean late each evening (likely in the early morning hours, depending on coffee supply); you will have until 8:00 PM the following day to sign an acceptance sheet at the info center or send via email.  Residents who do not receive their desired room type or have changed their minds can re-apply for a different type the following day; for example, if you fail to get a single, you can apply later for a double or quad; if you fail to get a double, you can try for a quad.

Groups of two trying for doubles, or groups of three or four (only) trying for quads, should indicate which allocation of bedrooms they desire.  See the floorplan layouts for details on the designation of each bedroom.

Turn in the appropriate Gregory Room Selection Form by the designated dates:

Tuesday, January 23rd for singles or quads with living rooms.

Available single rooms* are

Van Pelt: 215, 315, 415 

Class of 1925: 106, 201, 205, 301, 305, 405

Available quads with living rooms are:

Van Pelt: 216, 416

Class of 1925: 206, 306

 Wednesday, January 24th for double rooms.

Available double rooms are:​

Van Pelt: 117, 118, 119, 123, 124, 125, 126, 127

Class of 1925: 102, 103, 104, 109, 110, 111, 112

Thursday, January 25th for regular quad rooms.

Available quad rooms are:​

Van Pelt: 201, 202, 203, 204, 208, 209, 210, 213, 214, 218, 219, 302, 303, 304, 308.

Class of 1925: 202, 203, 208, 209, 303 

* Note:  Our ADA suites (101 C'25 and 116 VP) are assigned directly through Residential Services.  Students requiring these rooms should contact their office directly at 215-898-3547


Q: I don’t know where to start; I know I want to live in Gregory, but I haven't necessarily figured out my roommates or room preferences yet.

A: Fill out the online application at between January 17th-22nd.

Q: I don’t know where to start, but I know exactly whom I want to live with and where in Gregory

A: Fill out the online application at between January 17th-22nd.  Yes, we’re really trying to emphasize this step.

Q: OK, I DID fill out the online application, and there was nothing about roommates, room types, etc.  What's the deal with that?

A: Yep, that's what our room selection forms are for (see the attachments below).  That's where you'll get into all the nitty-gritty details. The online app just gets you into the system.  But everyone needs to fill it out.

Q: This point system is weird. Does it go by the person in our group with the highest number of points?

A: No. We combine the points of all members in the group for one total score. So there could be a slight disadvantage to returners for bringing in applicants from outside the House.  But not much.

Q: My friends and I lived elsewhere this year.  Will I get in?  Are we at a severe disadvantage?

A:  Doubles are generally hard to come by for non-returners, but regular quads are generally in good supply.

Q: All of my friends are going off campus or have been abducted by extraterrestrials! I'd still like to live here, but there aren't many singles. Do I have any other options?

A: This is one of the primary reasons why we do our own process!  You can still apply on the appropriate day for doubles or quads. You would be assigned after all groups that do have the appropriate number of people. Generally we've always been able to assign such students, so long as they are flexible in their choices. That said, given the reduction in the number of rooms during recent renovations, and for your own peace of mind, we suggest you do your best to seek out potential roommates in advance.  Also, you will have less flexibility in choosing particular rooms; we have to consolidate applicants who cannot fill all the vacancies in their desired room type.  Residential Services has a facebook page to help with folks looking for roommates.

Q: There are three of us, and Gregory doesn’t have triples.  Can we get a quad?

A: Yes.  We would assign all the groups of four first, but after that we would assign you. Be aware, though, that Residential Services will fill any open spaces in your room, either now or later. Still, for the best chance at getting the room you want, try to rope in a fourth student; as above, you might want to check out the Residential Services Find a Roommate page.

Q: I only want to live here if I get such-and-such a room (or, say, a beachside apartment in Van Pelt). How do I make that clear?

A: For the final question on the selection form, check NO, you will not consider any room of the desired type. If we don't have the specific rooms you request, we will not assign you.

Q: Speaking of programs, how do I join or remain a part of FILM CULTURE or MODERN LANGUAGES for next year?

A: Just fill in your email address on the offer acceptance form.  You’ll automatically be on that program’s listserve for fall, though you should still attend the introductory meeting in the first days of classes.

Q: Is there a chance I won’t get a room?

A: We can’t promise a particular room type or location, but we’ve never had to turn anyone away who just wanted a space here, though admittedly it's tougher post-renovations.  Still, we’ll likely find something for you.

Q: So I’m signing off that I’m accepting your offer. Still, I might want to try my luck elsewhere to see if I can get a four bedroom quad in the High Rises or something like that. I can keep this assignment as my safety valve, right?

A: No!  According to the Terms and Conditions of your lease with Residential Services, you cannot apply for another process, here or anywhere in the College House system, unless you cancel your assignment and pay the cancellation fee. If you apply for another House in the inter-House process and do not get the room type that you want, you can try to find a space here at that time, though we are often at full occupancy by then.   But Residential Services will find you a spot somewhere, even if you aren’t initially lucky; just be patient.   In other words, if you don’t really want to come back to Gregory (repressed sobbing), don’t early commit to us out of panic; you can apply and see your offer, but you do not need to accept.  You will be fine as long as you are very flexible with your choices.

Please don't hesitate to contact the Dean with any questions!