Rylee Park

1st Floor VP

Hey y’all, my name is Suh Jung, or Rylee, and I’m a house manager. I’m a junior psych major and gender studies minor. I’m interested in clinical psychology, and I plan to go to graduate school to research how factors like race, gender, and cultural background influence how people experience mental illnesses and respond to treatment. My long-term goal is to travel to impoverished nations and contribute to building an efficacious mental health care system for underserved populations. 

I’m a proud Korean, and I couldn’t go a week without Korean food, which I make every so often. I’d definitely cook more if I didn’t have to do the dishes. Some things I enjoy are playing chess, cuddling dogs, talking about dogs, biking, and doing re-runs of shows I’ve already watched many times before. Come find me if you want to hang out with me on my giant beanbag while eating Asian food and watching The Office!