Rohith Thaiparambil

2nd Floor Van Pelt

Hey Gregorians, my name is Rohith Thaiparambil. I go by Rohit (pronounced row-hit), or David if ordering from Wendy's because Rohit is too difficult apparently, but I dont really care (I care immensely). Also, as you can easily guess from my name, I was born and raised in Philadelphia.

I'm a senior in the College of Arts & Sciences majoring in physics and minoring in actuarial mathematics, so if either of those subjects seem interesting to you, feel free to talk to me anytime so I can convince you otherwise. My special skills include French, giving essay advice/edits, and writing overly sarcastic profile bios when asked not to do so.

Outside of class related things, my favorite activities are playing frisbee, chess, basketball, and Smash Bros. (to an unhealthy degree) with anybody and everybody. My favorite shows include Gravity Falls, Parks and Rec, Burn Notice, and of course Key and Peele. And lastly, some general aspects about me are that I tend to play pranks on my friends, make lists with exactly 4 items each, and break consistency.

But on a more serious note, I'm excited to be a house manager in my final year at Penn and hope to meet everyone when classes begin. Feel free to find me if you have questions related to anything mentioned above (especially Parks and Recreation conspiracy theories).

P.S. I am unaffiliated with the entity known as "ROAM" that you may see mentioned elsewhere on this site or around the building. Any instance of it's mention will be responded to with a lowered head and a look of embarrassment. Have mercy on my soul.