Oscar Aguila

2nd Floor / VP

Hey Gregorians! My name is Oscar Aguila, and I am a Senior in the College studying Anthropology and Earth Science, as well as a minor in Archaeological Science. My research focuses on the relationship between pre-contact Mound Builders of the American Southeast and the environment that they lived in and actively changed. My main focus is on the zooarchaeological analysis of food and feasting, and interpreting what that means for pre-contact social organization. I plan to go onto a PhD program to continue pursuing my career in archaeology. If you are intrested in anthropology or the Penn Museum, come and talk to me!

My roles in Gregory include running the Darkroom Cafe, hosting Cereal Night, and hosting Study Break! For those of you reading this profile, the Darkroom Cafe has free Coffee, Hot Chocolate, and Tea!

If you have any questions or want to talk, you can find me in Room 216 where you will find me and my roommates (known as ROAM: Rohith, Oscar, Aaron, Michael) or contact me by email at aguila@sas.upenn.edu