Lauriane Guihard

Graduate Associate
2nd Floor C'25, French House Program Director

Bonjour! My name is Lauriane, but you can also call me L or Lori, whatever is easier to pronounce for you (I go by these nicknames with Starbucks, though they still get them wrong). I come from France, and more specifically from Brittany (you will often hear me talking about Brittany and its culinary specialities!!). I am a third-year PhD student in French and Francophone Studies, and I also work as a teaching assistant in French. I graduated with a double B.A. in Letters and History, and a M.A. degree in French Literature in France. I also earned a M.A. degree in French and Francophone Studies at the University of Notre Dame.

Besides reading and writing which constitute my daily life, I enjoy watching movies and shows. I am a huge Disney fan, and I will be thrilled to go see new Disney movies released at the theater with other Gregorians. During holidays, I love travelling and exploring new cities, regions or countries. Very gourmande, I also spend lots of time cooking and baking. I look forward to sharing French food with as many as possible!