Lauren Drake

VP First Floor

Hey there Gregory friends,

I'm Lauren, I'm a senior majoring in bioengineering with a focus on neuroscience and biomaterials/tissue engineering. I also study creative writing and journalism, and I co-run a Project LETS Chapter with my roommate Rylee, where we hold support spaces and advocate for students with lived experience of mental illness. My interests (and my life) are all over the place. 

I'm a die-hard Gregorian and have lived in Van Pelt all four years. I work in the Darkroom Cafe on Sunday nights, where fellow House Manager Quentin and I will make special drinks like frappuccinos and apple cider. I plan to help with our new greenhouse garden in Class of '25 as well! You can also find me playing board games too aggressively in the library, or in my room cuddling my emotional support cat, knitting fuzzy blankets and shouting conspiracy theories at my friend's Echo Dot so he gets flagged by the government. 

My door is literally always open (and in three years, I haven't been robbed--really says something about the integrity of the Gregory community), so stop by room 125 anytime you want to talk to someone, play a board game, or have somebody bake you a homemade apple pie.