Johanna Kaiser

Graduate Associate
4th Floor Van Pelt, German House Program Director

Hi everyone! My name is Johanna and I am a 4th-year Graduate Student at Penn’s Department of Classical Studies. I am from Germany, more specifically from the beautiful town of Heidelberg, where I studied Classical Studies and Art History before coming to Penn.

    Recently, I started work on my dissertation, but whenever I am not doing that, I enjoy going to the movies, the theater or the museum, I love cooking and baking (I hope you're in the mood for some authentic German treats!). I am also committed to yoga, going to the gym, and running. I am very much looking forward to sharing any of my passions with anyone interested (honestly, who could say no to some tasty German food?).

    I am proud to be a member of the Penn community and I am passionate about the work that I do in my department, in student government, and as a graduate guide at the Penn Museum. Want to chat about any of this, about Penn, or about Germany? Feel free to approach me with anything or join me in cooking or studying Gregory!