Emily Hong

House Manager

Hello everyone! My name is Emily and I am a rising Junior studying Psychology and Cognitive Science. I have hopes of going on to graduate school for Clinical Psychology and working with children in particular (I'm interested in studying youth/developmental mental illnesses). This will be my third year in Gregory and it is still my "home away from home," though I won't be on campus this semester. It is such a wonderful and welcoming place, and I hope we can share some of that warmth even across screens. Though this semester is definitely different and it's disappointing not to see you all in-person, I'm optimistic we can still have a great time and create a vibrant *virtual* community! 

I am at home in Northern Illinois for the time being, but please feel free to reach out on social media, messaging platforms, or email (hongemi@sas.upenn.edu)! I am happy to chat about psych, cute animals (I can share adorable pictures of my two doggos, cat, and two guinea pigs!!), art, movies, food, gardening - or anything you're interested in. I am also here if you just need an open ear or just want to rant. :) Let's get through the fall semester together!