David Socol De La Osa

Graduate Associate
1st Floor C'25

Hello everyone! My name is David (Dah-veed) - though my full name is David Uriel Socol de la Osa Modzelewicz Casado. Because Spanish people can never have enough last names. You can just call me David! But definitely extra points if you try the whole thing. I was born in Spain, but my family is from all over (mainly Argentina, Russia, and of course, Spain).

I'm a third year law student, but not all about me is that boring. I love all sports - especially basketball (competed at a high level for a while) and MMA/boxing (I currently coach the Penn Law boxing team). I absolutely love cooking and all food related activities (I was a chef for some time in my life), as well as all forms of art (I would like to call myself somewhat of a musician). I also have a passion for traveling and have called a lot of cities home - Madrid, Berkeley, Austin, Moscow, Tokyo, Oslo, New York, Hong Kong, and now Philly!

I got my first degree in law and political science from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, and I spent a year of my degree in Berkeley and another in Austin. I've worked both in the public and the private sector - doing work at a couple of law firms, as well as in public institutions like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Spain, or the Office of the Governor of Texas.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone, trying new places to eat, working out, or whatever new and fun activities anyone could teach me/introduce me to! If I could help in any way, please don't hesitate to reach out!