Manager Application

Our manager team is, by design, the lifeblood of Gregory: the prime structure for residents to guide House operations, shape House identity, and work with senior staff and RAGAs to build community.  We have always believed that entrusting Gregorians with key aspects of House stewardship is essential to building a strong, inclusive and welcoming atmosphere.   As such, we are not looking for students who simply need a job, but rather residents already invested in the House and eager to make their own contributions.  

The hours are somewhat flexible--we can work within your schedule and interests, depending on whether responsibilities are programmatic and/or include shifts in the cafe. There could be just a few a week, or significantly more. Because of budgetary considerations, we usually need to limit the hours of non-workstudy managers.  Obviously only current Gregory residents can serve as Managers.  

Fall 2020 Update: We are not hiring Managers at this time, as we will not be holding in-person events or staffing the cafe.  However, we will have a council of virtual managers taking on leadership roles in online programming, mentorship and community building on a volunteer basis.  Contact House Coordinator Dom Gaeta at if you are interested in helping out!