Gregory Mentors

Currently being updated for the 216-2017 year!

One of the advantages of a truly four-year House is that upperclassmen can share their wisdom, tricks of the trade and expertise with our younger residents.  Volunteering students are available for some advice about course and major selection, artistic pursuits, and other points on navigating Penn life.   To contact a mentor below, use the Penn directory, or attend designated events throughout the year, such as special study breaks during class pre-registration.

Victoria Peng psychology and consumer psychology, performing arts, and athletics
Edgar Palomino first generation/low income students
Sydney Schaedel English, Communications, Daily Pennsylvanian
Weslee Sixkiller General freshman advice, student filmmaking
Ian Hutton Transfer student experience
Arjun Subramanyam Transfer student experience
Matthew Schofield Hispanic Studies/Freshman Year