Brooks Family

(From left to right) Jamiella, Amaris, Ezra, & Lindsay

Amaris (pronounced like "Ameri" in America and the iss in "bliss") is 8. She loves plants, and likes to use the "Plant Snap" app when she explores nature, and is very excited to help the plants in the greenhouse in Gregory! She likes playing the violin, the piano, and karate.

Ezra is 5. He likes dinosaurs, Star Wars, car races, smashing into things, and taking things apart. 

Lindsay is a musician, theologian, and Star Wars fan. (this is not so good, since his wife Jamiella is avidly pro-Star Trek). He plays piano, guitar (both acoustic and electric), bass, and sings. When he lived in Los Angeles, California, he worked for the publishing firm Jobete (the publisher of all those great Motown songs), producing tracks for films such as Walker, Texas Ranger, Scooby-Doo, and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. He was a former radio co-host of and loves debate and philosphy. If you have a favorite song, he will analyze it to death, not to make fun of it but to explain the philosophy behind it.