Gregory Peer Advisors (GPAs)

As befitting a 4-Year House, Gregory's upperclassmen students are often eager to serve as mentors for our newest residents, whether it be about course selection, professors, majors, minors, study abroad opprotunities, or Penn's rich array of extracurricular opportunities. If you are feeling a little lost or are seeking some guidance as you navigate your way through college, our Gregory Peer Advisors (GPA's) are here to help! Our mentorship program offers you the opportunity to connect with upperclassmen also living in Gregory to help you guide your way through decisions and make the most out of your academic career. Check out some interests and areas of expertise from our Gregorians listed below; you can reach out to them or join them at tons of events throughout the year!

GPA Group Shot

Name Email Mentor in
Vasya Tremsin
Majors, School, Fraternities, Social Life, transfer experience, recruiting.
Michael Auble
Majors, minors, courses, campus life, interpersonal relations, stress relief.
Pearl Liu
Science, technology, society. Humanities/interdisciplinary research, major exploration.
Emily Hong
Psychology, Cognitive Science, courses, extracurriculars, and more!
CJ Mangubat
Nursing, research, psychology extracurriculars, studying, transfer experience, yoga/fitness.
Navish Yarna
Majors & research.
Kruti Desai
Biochemistry, French, Francophone Studies, Premed, extracurriculars, research
Montgomery Hamabe
Fraternities, campus life, and Wharton.
Ife Popoola
Engineering, pre-med, and Fine Arts courses.
Ashley Fernandez
Wharton (not finance), study skills, campus life for introverts.
Erin Brennan
On-campus jobs/research/internships, courses (International Relations & English), joining clubs.

GPA Events

11/30/20: Preregistration Info Session.  Check out the recording:  by clicking HERE:

Passcode: iZR9Kb^Q

Interested in being a Gregory Peer Advisor?

We're always looking for Gregorians eager to share insights about courses, majors, study skills, Penn resources, extracurriculars, really you name it. If you are willing, we'll include you on the contract list above! Or, you can choose to take part in live mentoring info sessions.  

If this sounds like fun to you, please fill out this very short form and we will contact you as soon as possible. If you have questions, feel free to email us at!