Gregory Mentorship

Our Mentor Program is now accepting volunteers for the 2014-2015!  Mentors will be listed on this page and will also take part in designated study breaks (and perhaps summer chats) as a resource for other residents, especially our new freshmen.  Contact Leah in the House Office to volunteer!

One of the advantages of a truly four-year House is that upperclassmen can share their wisdom, tricks of the trade and expertise with our younger residents.  Volunteering students are available for some advice about course and major selection, artistic pursuits, and other points on navigating Penn life.   To contact a mentor, use the Penn directory, or attend special study breaks scheduled during class pre-registration.


Andrew Dierkes Nursing, Spanish, DP/Photography, Newman Center, Man-Up
Mislav Mijatovic  Psychology, MERT, Pre-Med
Noa Bendit-Shtull Economics, Math, Mandarin
Urja Mittal Political Science, economics, finance, College/Wharton Dual Degree, research on campus, involvement in campus political groups
Faryn Pearl Classical Studies, Fine Arts
Elizabeth Shay Computer Science, Linguistics
Mary Xia Biology, Eco issues
Jacqueline Yue Russian, German, French, Linguistics
Elizabeth So Biology, College/Wharton Dual Degree
Roger Ou Wharton, concentrations, OCR, Finance, Statistics
Melanie Zhao Wharton, OPIM, all things gym
Octavia Bray Communications, Chinese, Christian Fellowship
Dan Zhou Bioenginnering, submatriculation, nanotechnology
Melissa Sosa BBB
Michael Gutierrez Hispanic Studies, Political Science, French
Daniel Wei Bioengineering, Computer Science
Jennifer Preys linguistics, time management, stress relief
Sara Ghebremariam Psychology, Economics